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Raise responsible, compassionate kids, and survive parenthood, using these 7 rules.

When my sons were growing up I didn’t want to be a “Because I said so” mom. So my response when they had to follow an unpopular rule was “Because it’s in the Mom’s Rule Book.” When they would claim that makes me a mean mom, I would say, “I am so mean, I’m President of the Mean Mom’s Club!” Now the “rule book” has been written, combining my MA degree in education and child development with 25 years of professional experience in school system, hospital, and homeless shelter environments to create a solid foundation to be a take charge parent.

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Click on each rule below for a summary. Read the book to learn how to implement each.

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Rule 1: I’m going to be the perfect mom…yeah, right!

Rule 2: You’ll always be my baby…no matter how old you are.

Rule 3: Common sense…makes sense.

Rule 4: I brought you into this world…and I can take you out!

Rule 5: There’s a difference between need and want…and I’ll tell you which it is.

Rule 6: I get to be President…of the Mean Moms Club!

Rule 7: Nobody knows my kid…like I know my kid.

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