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According to Joanna Douglas, Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor | Fashion, the latest trend is moms tattooing their bodies in honor of their children.

Celebrity moms, including Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts are displaying tattoos of  motherhood.

  And of course if the celebrities are doing it, the rest of us should too.

So, what tattoo would you display to represent your motherhood?

I’d have to say that I might need several tattoos to represent what I feel as a mother on any given day, or in any given moment.

  – to show how proud I am

    – to display how much fun motherhood is

                – to represent that side of me that  sometimes says, “What were you thinking??”

Then I think about what tattoos my kids might get to display how they feel about growing up with me as their mom.

And that’s when I want to launch a protest against all mommy tattoos for mothers and kids!


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