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 Over the years Easter has brought many family memories.

Looking back, here are some of my most memorable ones. What are yours?

  1. Beautiful colors of dye on eggs…and on the table, floor, clothes, faces, and tablecloth I was sure I removed before putting that newspaper down

  2. Making the egg hunt with 2 dozen eggs go on for hours because eggs kept disappearing from baskets (after a certain age, this no longer works)

  3. Dressing up for church; they’re so cute when they’re clean

  4. The smell & taste of delicious ham dinner with all our favorites (topped off with the ears of the chocolate Easter Bunny)

  5. Spending the day in the park with friends & family (best in the years it didn’t rain)

  6. Listening to a choir of candy eggs roll down the wooden floor of church all the way to the pulpit & trying to pretend they didn’t come from my 2 year old

  7. Setting a good example by talking to the minister after service, only to have my 8 year old announce, “That was the boringest sermon I ever heard!”

  8. Finding chocolate eggs in pants pockets, 3 days after Easter

  9. Making egg salad sandwiches for the next week, sneaking eggs that can’t be used because they’re the prettiest

I didn’t say they were all happy memories!


A Stockton student was handcuffed with zip ties on his hands and feet, forced to go to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and was charged with battery on a police officer.

 That student was 5 years old.


This had to be the biggest 5 year old ever, or the smallest policeman ever! How is it possible that a 5 year old requires not only handcuffs (behind his back) but ankle cuffs to be controlled? Let me guess, the policeman left his taser at home that day.

As a “mean mom”, I believe in logical consequences for out of control behavior. But I’m trying hard to understand how the logical consequence of this behavior is to hogtie and throw the kid in the back of a squad car! Was this supposed to teach him something useful? Was this supposed to help him learn to control his behavior?

 As a teacher working with challenging kids, my students had a variety of individual issues.

Donny, 6, was emotionally disturbed and occasionally would suddenly throw his books onto the floor & grab at anything within his reach to throw as well. I managed to keep him and his fellow students safe without ever handcuffing him! He required a firm physical restraint in the form of a hug from behind and a quiet voice in his ear until he could calm down. This never took more than a few minutes. Other students did not lose valuable learning time.

Bobby, 9, had occasional outbursts but required a different strategy. This was a student who had been severely abused by his mother. He required a man to soothe him with a calm voice. He could not tolerate being touched at these times and we were able to calm him without cuffs!

In my opinion this school had no understanding of the needs of their student and no plan in place to address a possible outburst. And clearly, this policeman has no clue how to deal with a child and should never be allowed near one! Please tell me he doesn’t have any kids!

 So my questions are;

what is being done to punish the officer who man-handled a 5 year old child and what is being done by the school to finally address this student’s educational needs? Note, in the link to the original article, his mother has repeatedly asked for interventional strategies. This is what they came up with? So, is this officer on call to come charging into the classroom wielding his cuffs? Oh yes, the judge did drop the charges. Good move!

School is out for the summer and the kids are free. Oh boy. Oh no! A kid’s dream, a mom’s nightmare! How are you going to survive?

The answer is to become a mean mom. No, that doesn’t mean to be nasty and negative and lock them in their rooms for the summer. It means to take charge and have a plan that you can stick to.

Watch this TV interview and learn the 3 steps to not just surviving, but making it a great summer with a balance between freedom and structure.

You don’t want to ruin their summer, or yours. So you need to give them some freedom and loosen up some of the structure. But if you want to survive with your sanity this summer, there has to be balance and a plan.

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