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7:00 am Sunday morning.

I awaken to the sounds of clanging, squealing, thudding, and shushing from the general area of the kitchen. I squeeze my eyes shut, hoping the sounds came from a dream. Open my eyes. Nope, the sounds are still there. Now add the aroma of burnt toast.

 mothers day stirOh, that’s right…it’s Mother’s Day and I get breakfast in bed!

Over the years it was interesting to watch how those breakfasts changed. As my boys grew, I was treated to a little more lavish and a little less charred.

Then came the year when I awoke to the voice of my college son, who lived in a dorm. Hmm, that didn’t make sense since he wasn’t visiting the night before and didn’t have a key. When he proudly carried in a gourmet breakfast tray, he informed me he had decided to surprise me and broke into a window during the night.

mothers day window


Yes, it was a delicious meal. But I couldn’t help but wonder how much it was going to cost me. Between you & me, it was totally worth it!

There’s nothing more special than those Mother’s Day memories. Here’s to all the mothers who on this Mother’s Day Sunday morning will be eating breakfast in bed & smiling through their delicious burnt toast. Hopefully they’re not calculating the cost of a new window!



 Over the years Easter has brought many family memories.

Looking back, here are some of my most memorable ones. What are yours?

  1. Beautiful colors of dye on eggs…and on the table, floor, clothes, faces, and tablecloth I was sure I removed before putting that newspaper down

  2. Making the egg hunt with 2 dozen eggs go on for hours because eggs kept disappearing from baskets (after a certain age, this no longer works)

  3. Dressing up for church; they’re so cute when they’re clean

  4. The smell & taste of delicious ham dinner with all our favorites (topped off with the ears of the chocolate Easter Bunny)

  5. Spending the day in the park with friends & family (best in the years it didn’t rain)

  6. Listening to a choir of candy eggs roll down the wooden floor of church all the way to the pulpit & trying to pretend they didn’t come from my 2 year old

  7. Setting a good example by talking to the minister after service, only to have my 8 year old announce, “That was the boringest sermon I ever heard!”

  8. Finding chocolate eggs in pants pockets, 3 days after Easter

  9. Making egg salad sandwiches for the next week, sneaking eggs that can’t be used because they’re the prettiest

I didn’t say they were all happy memories!

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