Where's the Manual for this Kid?

What is Where’s the Manual for this Kid?

When you were sent home from the hospital with that beautiful new baby, they gave you some diapers & baby shampoo.

But did you get the manual?

This book is your tool to create a personalized manual, your own Moms Rule Book. Unlike other parenting books, this book does not tell parents how to discipline their children.  Instead, it provides 7 foundational rules and worksheet guides to create a plan that works for your unique family. Using your Moms Rule Book, you will become a KIDD mom, one who:

  • Knows exactly what she wants for her kids and how she’s going to make it happen
  • Is in charge
  • Doesn’t second guess her parenting decisions
  • Doesn’t back down no matter what, even if the kids say she’s a “mean mom”

Read excerpts of the seven rules here.


To order an e-copy click here

Your order is processed through Paypal or credit card for just $7.99 and is available for immediate download. 

To order a hard copy click here

The book provides the seven foundational rules to take charge and build your Moms Rule Book Manual to raise responsible, compassionate kids and survive the drive you crazy situations that come up every day.

Worksheets at the end of each rule help parents to create a unique Moms Rule Book based on their values and goals.


Why do you need a manual?

Because when you have a manual, you have a plan. And when you have a plan you take the emotions out of the situation, stop second guessing your decisions, give your kids the sense of safety and security they need, and empower yourself as a parent! AND you take away any ammunition they might have to test the rules, which means…

You Win!

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