Where's the Manual for this Kid?

Where’s the Manual Workshop

Where’s the Manual For This Kid Workshop



This two hour workshop will put you in charge as a parent using seven foundational rules to create a solid plan. When you have a plan, you know ahead of time how to respond to those every day “drive you crazy” situations. This workshop will give you the tools to set and enforce realistic boundaries based on your family’s style and values.


  • Contact the Mean Mom President for a workshop in your location at your time by emailing info@meanmomsclub.com


Purchase copy of the book Mean Moms Club: The Moms Rule Book for use in workshop, $12 at time of workshop (discounted if purchasing for group of 10 or more)

 Tools Provided:

  • Mean Mom Quiz
  • Planning Guide Worksheets for creating individualized plan


  • Stop reacting in the moment with emotions getting in the way
  • Stop second guessing yourself after you respond to a situation
  • Take control with a plan to prevent the battles of the wills


  1. Understand the meaning of mean mom as it relates to providing safety and security, the basis for love and emotional growth
  2. Correlate each of the seven rules to the underlying theme of structure and consistency in parenting
  3. Apply each of the rules to your own family styles and values
  4. Find solutions to specific situations in parenting, using the rules
  5. Begin individual plan for dealing with everyday situations in parenting


Where’s the Manual for this Kid is a hands-on workshop that explores the realities of everyday parenting and how to take control by having a plan. The key is in being a mom who sets rules and boundaries based on safety and security and who enforces them even when that makes her a “mean mom”. Yes, you want to be a mean mom! A mean mom is one who sticks with her plan to raise responsible, compassionate kids.

But that is not easy to do. How often have you experienced these moments?

  • Where is the manual for this baby?
  • I know I should have handled that better, but she was driving me crazy and I couldn’t take it.
  • Last time I grounded him it worked. But this time it isn’t working. Now what do I do?

Creating a plan based on the seven foundational rules enables you to deal with these situations as well as all the other drive you crazy situations inevitable in raising kids.


  • Contact the Mean Mom President for a workshop in your location at your time by emailing info@meanmomsclub.com

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